Legitimate photo or not?

I believe this is a photo of Ronda Rousey? Was told by author it is fashion model Alina Kotova? What do you think? Any professional out there who can tell me if this is an altered photo. Would appreciate any opinions or help as I don’t want any legal action taken against me. here’s the link http://photodune.net/item/businesswoman-in-boxing-gloves/12023892

She doesn’t remotely look like Ronda Rousey. Have you tried placing this stock photo and a photo of Ronda Rousey side by side? Edit: other clues: eyebrows shape, eye color, Ronda’s mole under left eye…

Thank you for your feedback. I did in fact compare several photos. I realize the mole isn’t showing but with all the photo shopping people can do anything is possible. I’m just trying to make sure it’s legit before I use it for marketing purposes.

Thanks again.

No problem… anyway that author has some other photos/angles with the same model http://photodune.net/item/business-girl-in-boxing-gloves-word-error-frame-and-text/11012475 and http://photodune.net/item/businesslady-in-boxing-gloves/12059962 which still doesn’t look like a photoshop or Ronda Rousey.