Legit to include your clients in the profile showcase?

Hello there fellow members,
i was wondering (for a bit) if it is legit to spoil your client list in your profile as “showcase” for yourself.
It happens sometimes that pretty big companies buy your sounds… and would be great to be able to disclose that. But they might be upset.
What do you think about this? How do you behave?

Depending on contractual agreements between you and the client - this shouldn’t be an issue as long as you have their definitive permission

Hello charlie,
thanks for replying.
Of course, but i meant here on Audiojungle. We have no contracts here, and we’re unable to contact our clients even if we can see who are them because of the receipt…
So, i guess the only way is trying to reach them in someway and ask for it!

If you know the site or project using the item then it may take a little digging but should be possible to contact them.

It’s risky to not get permission because if for example someone uses a piece of music in a commercial or branded project then the contact with that end client will be with the buyer not you and in many cases may well have potentially legal implications about referencing or sharing it.

In most cases I would expect it to be ok but best not to take unnecessary risks