[Legal] Are we allowed to use marketplaces names in an app?

Let’s say I want to create an app/site using the Envato marketplace API to be able to filter all items based on the color of the thumbnail. (this is a stupid idea, but it’s just an example)

Can I publish the site and use the names of the marketplaces in the URL? For example, can I create a site like www.filter-by-colors.com/themeforest that would be a page where you could browse through (some) themes from themeforest groupped by the color of their thumbnail and clicking it would lead to the themeforest site.

This site would just be a service (simple website, not an item on the marketplace).


Marketplace names and logos are a bit of a no go. Check out the Intellectual Property section of our terms. You can certainly use the names in a description of what the app or site does, but it has to be clear that the application/ site your building is not in fact something that Envato has built (otherwise we get questions about it).

Hope that answers your questions :smiley:

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