Leaving Exclusivity or Not ?

I know after leaving exclusivity envato charges 55% per sale.
But I want to know if I leave exclusivity now and at some point in future can I reverse to exclusive author or not ?
Leaving exclusivity is reversible or irreversible ?

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It is reversible as long as your items are not for sale elsewhere.


Thanks for the answer and clarification.
1 little point
If i change to non-exclusive account and after sometime I reverse back to exclusive account and delete all the items from other marketplaces which is uploaded here before then is it Okay ?

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hi it depends on how much u are making somewhere else … and how much u make here > so how many sales u make here compared to somewhere else with the same number of items …

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Sure, that should be okay. You just can’t be offering the same items on a competing marketplace at the time you are an “exclusive” author.

I started as an AJ exclusive author, then changed to non-exclusive. It has worked out very well for me - your experience may be different of course.

Good luck and Best Wishes!


he cannot do with his own website if he has one, if i remember well, is that correct pls?

Yes I know exclusive author cannot sell that item which on Envato market untill they select non-exclusive . This is very correct thing if you are exclusive then you don’t have any permission to sell that item even on your website.


i have a question how much i do claim to copyright i will get the copyright batch?