Learning Web Development

Hey guys

First of all I would like to congratulate all the authors of Themeforest and Codecanyon you’re doing a great job.

I want to get into web development and coding I have started learning HTML and JavaScript . I would like to build some themes of Wordpress etc .

Can you please help me out on how to become a web developer and where to start (any resources would be handy) and what actually it takes to develop successful themes .


Hi there!

If you want to get into web development and coding, as you mentioned I suggest to start watching some online courses.

Below is a list of website where you can learn almost anything regarding web development:

  • Online Web Design & Development Courses from ThemeForest;
  • Also check Lynda.com! There are a lot of courses you can deal with;
  • TutsPlus by Envato;
  • w3schools.com is also a good resources and courses directory;

When you complete all these sites I’m sure you will be a good programmer :slight_smile: but don’t only read online courses or tutorials, try to build small projects, then increase the difficulty.

All the best and good luck!

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Check out www.codeacademy.com

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Thanks for your reply

I have learned HTML in school and now I have started learning JavaScript from w3schools.com .
In the index and there are so many topics and that’s causing me confusion that should I know all of the topics to be able to code and develop websites and how a theme is actually developed from scratch .

I think if you want to build WordPress themes html is not enough.

You must invest time to learn PHP, css(and also css frameworks, like Twitter Bootstrap), javascript(jquery), MySQL.

If you are not good in graphic design my suggestion is to make a partnership with a designer, otherwise you will lose your time.

You can use underscores.me to generate a starter theme you can use as a skeleton.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile: