Learn WordPress Development with themeforest standard

what is the way to learn to WordPress Theme development with themeforest.net standard? any video tutorials.? are there video tutorials where I can learn WordPress Theme development. Paid or free of charge so that we can learn the latest standards followed to learn WordPress Theme for themeforest.net

The only difference is about code quality and tutorials cannot help it. You need to improve your coding style by yourself by time. Beside, there’re few differences for ThemeForest such as functions those are not allowed - after submitting the theme, reviewers would point the issues anyway

You just need to follow W3C standards & Wordpress.org standards.
And a premium quality design is a must

Ok now the question is where could we get premium design standard so that we can follow those standards and avoid soft rejections

You need to hire someone for design, or check new PSD themes and ask them if they want to sell rights for WordPress.

Good luck

Can you design a psd for with WordPress approval guarantee.

There is no guarantee for such a thing PSD approve doesn’t guarantee WordPress approve both are completely different markets with different challenges