Learn to make wordpress themes process

Hi community,
At the beginig, I have a finance diploma and not a web design studies.
As I had a little background in php and html (used to make scraping websites) I planned a month ago to make wordpress themes.

So I finished all the html and css courses in Codecademy.
Now I’m learning some javascript (is it necessary ?) and studying wordpress architecture.

So I have a few questions:

**1-**Do I need to learn javascript also ?
**2-**Could you suggest me a simple theme to purchase in order to learn better wordpress architecture ?
**3-**How much time do you think it will take me from today to get my first wordpress theme approved ? (I’m super motivated)
**4-**By experience how much themes did you get rejected before getting first one accepted ?
**5-**I see that only few themes are uploaded every day(4 themes approximately) in wordpress category, is that because envato team doesn’t accepts majority of themes, or authors taking too much time to make a theme (not enough authors)?

Sorry for all this questions, but getting one day a wordpress theme approved in themeforest is something haunting my mind and discouraging me sometimes in spite of learning more.
I’m afraid to take all this courses and learning and never getting a theme approved

1: No, Java is backend language (different from Javascript) and is not necessary to learn WordPress development. However, you must learn at least basics of Javascript (front-end language) as it would be required for client-end functionality.

2: Purchase mine :slight_smile: just kidding. You can study the code of free WordPress themes included in the WordPress package which you download from wordpress.org

3: There is no time limit. it may take 6 months or 2 years. Provided you just started learning development I would suggest you to partner with some good designer (atleast initially), otherwise designing TF quality template/theme for a newbie would be a daunting task.

4: Mine got 6-7 rejections when I got started. Don’t get discouraged there are very few authors whom item got approved in first attempt.

5: There are plenty of authors here. It is just that a vast majority of submitted items get rejected every day.


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Thanks for your reply I edited my first question

Any other points of view ?