LDP Theme not working, broken, company is not GOOD to work with, possible fraud

LDP themes is selling a totally broken theme, there is no support provided, which is fine, but the theme is so broken that the demo install does not even work.If they choose not to support issues after the install, fine, but they can’t sell a broken theme for $76 USD then simply not help when it can’t be installed due to issues on THEIR end. The theme Home Page is npt displaying, i paid the Envato guy $50 and even he can’t get it to work. I need the sport fishing theme to work or I will need to kindly ask for refund, LDP Theme is a joke, thank you again for your help!

My GoDaddy login for host an cpanel is

[redacted by moderator]

Hello @mdryer and welcome to the forums.

This is a public community forum, not a support forum, so I removed your login details to prevent anyone from accessing your site.

Have you tried contacting the author for support? You can do so by clicking the “Support” tab at the top of the theme’s page. If your theme came with 6 months of free support, the author of the theme should assist you through there.

If that doesn’t work out, you can request a refund. See this article for information on eligibility and the official refund process:

Let us know how it goes.

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OK Great. Thank You. It’s not that I need support once the theme is installed, it’s that the theme is so broken it doesn’t even install correct. I would just like others to not buy this theme, as to not waste their time once it doesn’t work for the. It’s one thing to not provide support, but it’s another when the product simply does not work and they continue to sell it. Other’s will buy it, then spend days trying to get it to work, they will then become so fed up they will hire one of your installers, who then will attempt to contact the author, and receive no reply, then eventually they will simply cancel the job because the theme is broken and noone will help to even get it to work initially. TH E AUTHOR SHOULD REMOVE THIS THEME and stop taking people money and wasting their time. This whole process takes about a month, actually, more. Still to this day the author has done nothing to help. You should really make them either fix this theme, or stop selling it, you’re just taking peoples money, and not providing an actual product.

Themes are always reviewed before being put on the marketplaces and are held to a high standard. Broken themes are not accepted. Due to the nature of code, almost always when a buyer experiences issues with installing a theme, it’s due to an issue with server configuration rather than the theme itself.

Still, the author is the best person to help you figure out what’s wrong. It could be something as simple as your server running a very outdated version of PHP or something as complex as a webserver misconfiguration.

If you feel the theme is indeed broken you can open a support ticket here: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new – they will have reviewers check it again. I’m just a volunteer moderator and a fellow buyer like yourself so I can’t do that for you.

Good luck.

OK Cool well thanks for taking the time to help. I even had an Envato installer try and install the theme and he went through all of the settings and nothing seemed to work. Maybe I will try it again, but so far I’ve had no luck and the author does not reply to any tickets or questions, they have not replied for several years now I see. But thank you for all of your help-