LayerSlider WP Stopped Working in Chrome

LayerSlider has been working great on our site for 1 1/2 years and then suddenly 2 days ago it stopped working in Chrome and we had made no changes to the site. It still works great in FF and IE but makes our site look completely broken in Chrome. According to Google Analytics most of the traffic to our site on a PC comes from Chrome so we would really like to get this fixed. We were using the latest stable version of WordPress 4.1.1 and we just upgraded to the latest version of LayerSlider 5.3.2 to see if that would fix it. but it still doesn’t work in Chrome but does work in FF and IE. We’ve also tried updating the existing plugins and turning them off one by one and that didn’t work. In the WP Admin under Troubleshooting & Advanced Settings I tried checking the option “Put JS includes to body” and also “Use Google CDN version of jQuery” and neither one of them worked.Please see and please help…

Hi there,

If you go to item page and click on the “support” tab this will tell you how to contact the author about your issue and they will also be able validate your purchase.

I hope your issues are resolved soon and good luck! :slight_smile:

Nothing to do with the slider. You have an js error on your page with the jQuery Validation Plugin.
So fix that error and all will be okay. (check your console in FF or Chrome)

The js error (which only appeared in Chrome) has been fixed. The slider is still not working in Chrome, but it works in FF and IE just fine.