LayerSlider WP not displaying on Mobile

​Hi. I’ve read some other tickets on this but still can’t get my issue fixed. My slider isn’t showing up on my iPhone 6. In LAYER SETTINGS, Hide on Mobile is not selected, Hide Under is blank. Optimize for Mobile is selected. on the individual slides, all the layers have the mobile icon selected (green). It does show up in my iPad. Any other ideas?

Also, I tried to update from 6.5.5 to 6.5.7. LayerSlider WP isn’t coming up as a choice when I “search plugins” through Add New. And when I goto the Plugins page via AVADA/PLUGINS only 6.5.5 is there.

URL is

Thanks for any help?

Hello :smiley:

Have you tried asking the author of that item? They may be able to help.


I thought I’d try elsewhere first. The plugin came free with Avada, but support requires the fully purchased license.

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