Layers Pro Migration

On 30th of May 2016, Layers Pro will be moving to However, Obox (the author of Layers Pro) will continue to sell other Layers themes and extensions via Envato.

What does this mean for me as a buyer?
If you’re an existing Layers Pro customer you’ll be able to claim your purchase on by entering in your Envato purchase code. By doing so, Obox will grant you access to the latest version of Layers Pro which will be immediately downloadable.

Not sure how to find your purchase code? Learn how here.

Is Obox still committed to Envato Market Layers Authors?
Yes, Obox will continue to promote Envato Market as the exclusive marketplace for Layers items. More importantly, because Obox is exclusively distributing all their other Layers themes and extensions via Envato Market, they’re still super committed to Envato and its community.

What’s next for Layers?
Obox will continue development of the Layers platform and Envato will continue to support its growth. We still recommend Layers as a way to quickly enter the world of WordPress theming if you only have HTML, CSS, and JS skills. Learn more about Layers development here.