Layers Organization and Groups / PSD files


Can anyone, please, give any hint or useful link about what should be the best way to group and organize layers in PSD projects? Not sure if I am doing it well, nor do I know how to check if there are any kind of rules.

Tnx in advance

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You better get an approved psd template from themeforest and check how they name for different groups, layers according to its type. While you are creating a psd design always try to organize the layers from the beginning. It would be really hard if you want to organize the layers after your work done

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Tnx mate. I do organize them from beginning, but once five times hard rejected, you’re not sure at the end even about layers. :slight_smile:

Who could know what can be a reason, if don’t get any hint of it.

Tnx for response.

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ohh !!! thats pathetic

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  1. All layers should have name
    ex of wrong name: Layer 1
    ex of good name: fa-facebook(if is fa font then giving the fa class will be easily to convert to css)

Group layers by section

Example: newsletter block should be in a group, button in another one and so on.

I usually just keep it natural, I don’t do anything special, I just think of what would be the best way to organize layers…

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As sodasi_web say, that’s a pretty good way to do it, thinking about coding it.
But the PSD TF standards they are not as demanding ( i mean referring to layers )
Even that is no reason for hard-rejected.
Apparently your template does not have a proper design to get approved.
I recommend you what themebeer said. Take a look to approved designs, you also can search for a PSD freebie somewhere.

Good Luck

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Thanks a lot guys. This helps me a lot. At least I am sure I don’t do it wrong with this, because they actually are very well named and grouped.

Thanks again.

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I will send you the example, just give me your email :smiley:

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Thank you Ted. Sent you my mail. :slight_smile:

ted-sign kindly send me the example. I am also face the problem.