Layered illustration.

Hello! I want to upload layered illustration to If i upload for example an animal or human illustration, should every element of the face must be on a new layer? for example: head on one layer, eyes on another layer, mouth on the third layer, nose on the fourth layer, etc. Or should i just place head with all elements( eyes, nose, mouth) on one layer, and body (with hands, legs) to another layer. How to sort all elements correctly for graphicriver?

I know it’s a little stupid question,but i really don’t want my item to be rejected. Please, help me with this.

Hi! I´ve the same question a time ago. I don`t think every elment must be in different layers is required. For example you can have eyes and mouth in one layer and define this layer as an “expresion”. I upload a work recently and I´ve been approved. Separate in: body, head, eyes and mouth. I think its have to be clear and amusing for the users.

Good luck!

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Thank you! Hope it will work :slight_smile: