Latest version of WPdatatables is not available from Envato Market

WordPress has been prompting me to upgrade to version 5.6.1 for over a week, but the version in Envato Market downloads is still 5.6.
It’s really annoying that the only way you can find out what version the download is on the Envato website, is by downloading it and attempting to install.

It’s been always some bugs with the plugin, best thing is to download/upgrade it manually.

In codecanyon Item page I can see in changelog:

Version 5.6 (Released 17.05.2023)

Also showing:
Last Update 17 May 2023

So, most probably the latest version is 5.6. But you can ask it directly to the plugin author through posting a comment in the plugin Comments page.

No, it’s not the latest version. In WordPress it keeps telling me to upgrade to 5.6.1.

Where do I find the plugin Comments page?


If it is not available on my Envato downloads page, how do I download it to upgrade?

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Here’s the Changelog on the wpDataTables site

Version 5.6.1 (Released 23.05.2023.)

New update with bug fixes:

  • BugFix: Fixed issue with fixed headers and fixed columns not showing on frontend.
  • BugFix: Fixed issue with Highcharts – Pie with gradient.
  • Other small bug fixes

yes, you are right. their website Changelog showing:

Version 5.6.1 (Released 23.05.2023.)

maybe author has forgotten to upload it at codecanyon.
Please ask it directly to the plugin author through posting a comment in the plugin Comments page. plugin author will assist you. Thanks

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I understood that by buying this plugin through Envato Code Canyon I had a lifetime license to receive plugin upgrades. Is this true?


As long as the plugin is supported and updated then you have lifetime access to the latest copy made available by the author.

I’m sure it is just a delay or review in the upload to CodeCanyon but as @mgscoder suggested, use item comments to ask the author for clarity.