Latest items shows only one of you're product?!

Hello users,

I’m curoius about one thing. Recently I’ve uploaded 2 games to codecanyon but only one got displayed on the newest items section from the homepage. I must specify that they wasn’t submited in the same day but both got approved at the same time.

My question is…are they displaying only one of you’re item in the newest section?! If so …shouldn’t it be for all new items no matter what?!

You can still see on the recent items my “iBurgler” game but nothing with my other “Tap Cat” one.
I’m really curious on this one cuz i’m planning to add multiple games but if envato shows only one of you’re items I should wait untill my item gets “thrown” from that display list.

You can only have one item at a time on the home page feed to prevent people monopolising it

oh okey…well if you put it this way makes sense…tho i wish i knew this earlier :-/ .Now i hope they won’t accept my submission for my third game before burgler gets out of the list xD
Thanks for the info charlie.