Latest Design of Forum not as user friendly as old one

The new design of the Forum is not as USER FRIENDLY AS OLD one.

What you thing authors.


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I agree, that’s why I don’t use the forums as much as I did…

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u should not indulge into doing just that , that’s a pity , because the whole of us GR authors had managed to create a true community all together … u’ll get used a bit don’t worry :wink:

yes this is for me clearly not, i think that the organization needs a real rethinking and that also graphically the forum has deteriorated as they indulged into not having anything outstanding in this side … . the funny when we think about it is that , according to what they did , they would have had to reject their own work if it had bee submitted to them, as there’s no hierarchy at all here and in particular when it comes to the main information … i will call this an additional flaw or inconsistency in my case