Last update on pressa WP theme March 2018 - website now down

Hi, I purchased this theme back in 2013. Problem is is that I no longer work in web design and it looks like I should have updated the theme in wp admin when I had a chance (though I am not necessarily convinced that there was a more updated version?).

The site was customised by a developer I worked with at the time but he is now telling me that the php is deprecated anyway and he says that is the reason that the site is now now showing so I do not know what to believe?

The website is and the word deprecated is what now appearing when you try and call up the site. The company was still using the website to sell products and now there is no site at all. Is there anyway I could acquire the most up to date theme (happy to pay) so that at least there is something to show even though all the customisations may be lost? Would be fantastic if all customisations were showing though as the site looked previously :slight_smile:

Your urgent help is needed thanks


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!