Last Soft Reject IMHO, need help

I’m about to approve my theme,
I think it’s my last soft reject, reviewer’s comment:

  1. This is not the best practice. Use dashes instead, but not a combination of dashes and underscores:

Can anybody explain what does he mean?
.c-navigation__button and .c-navigation__button–light classes are not permitted?
I have thousand of classes with combination of dashesh and underscores, should I rewrite them all??

Thanks in advance!

Yes, you need to.

As the reviewer suggested/asked:

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I can’t use BEM methodology? As I’ve seen before many authors use it.

Submission requirements keep changing. You cannot use it now

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Ok, thanks!

That’s a complete nonsense!
BEM is the best way how to structure your classes, send the reviewer this link:

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And that WP Codex link is a direct contradiction to the Gutenberg block development guidelines:

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Yeah, I was going to argue about this nonsense.
Thanks a lot for this link!!! I really appreciate your answer, because I wasn’t sure, now I know that everything was correct!
The reviewer is emiluzelac, I’ve heard before that he is a hard man, but a big professional in coding, so I tried to get to him to get some knowledge about wordpress and coding. But after this review I’m very confused.
Thanks again, you give me confidence!

Just politely explain everything in the message for reviewer field. It makes zero sense to prohibit BEM if the WP dev team themselves encourage it to use it for Gutenberg blocks. The WP Codex guidelines that restrict the use of underscores should be understood within some context. If you are not using the BEM method, then sure, use dashes only to have some consistency with core WP classes. But not allowing BEM? Are we going back in time or what?
Please let me know the outcome of this.

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Thanks, I will keep this post updated.

Finally, here is the comment about BEM:
I said not the best practice but did not say that you cannot use it. And the link to CSS Coding Standards | Coding Standards Handbook | WordPress Developer Resources says recommended, but not required. If you don’t want to change, that is fine.
And again I dispelled Wordpress😪, that’s should be the last soft I hope.

That’s good to hear. Thanks for getting back to me. Good luck!

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