Las Vegas Meetup?

I see most of the Meetups are happening overseas but isn’t there ANY authors in the states? At least enough for regular meetups?

I live in Las Vegas. Lets see if we can get one started here. I think it would be a great meetup.

What’s you all think.

If you build it… they will come.

Have you built it yet? Need to know whether to pack my Envato t-shirt! :smiley:

Yeah, dude. Build it.

I lived in Vegas for six years and JUST moved but I will visit time to time.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to start but there actually already are a couple of developer meetups in Las Vegas. One for WordPress and one other one that I don’t remember exactly the topic but is was something like PHP or C++ for web.

Remember, whatever you seek is also seeking you (like SpaceStock said).

All sound too much like hard work! Drinks, chips and dips, and a good chinwag is more my kind of thing… nothing too structured.

If you’re not into hard work, starting a Meetup is DEFINITELY not the way to go. It takes a quite a lot of dedication.

Perhaps join an existing meetup, then ask to become an organizer. Then you can just host your low-maintenance events whenever you feel like it, without being responsible for the success of the entire group.

Good luck! Let me know if you hear of any amazing hotel deals in Vegas!

Yeah, I’m waiting for the OP to start a meetup!

I would be interested for meetup, when you guys are planning :slight_smile:

First rule of Las Vegas Meetup Club… you do not talk about Las Vegas Meetup Club. I will be in Vegas from the 31st of May to the 9th of June though!