Large companies are stealing our music?

We are often faced with the fact that our music used large companies with watermark … propose to post here links to a video that the author could learn their music and submit a complaint.
Here is one of these companies:YouTube


Sounds like excised watermarks because of the strange cuts till 0:41 where I can hear the first watermark. :angry:
To me it seems like the watermarks have been too loud for them in the first part.

It just tells us how important it is to integrate the watermarks ‘disturbing’ on the right places and loud enough. :wink:

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I think that if we are to publish links to such Drafts, authors will be able to react to similar cases

I can’t imagine that they are not paying 15-20 $ to purchase the track and avoid all the copyright mess and even the editing (!!!) needed to hide the watermark. Maybe the video producer has not done the job right, which does not makes things better.

I think that the bitrate of the watermarked file is really high - with some basic knowledge of music production someone can just edit the track and avoid the watermarked parts. Maybe AJ should consider lowering the overall quality of the testing MP3’s.


AdRev…here i come!!

So sad that people think they can do this without consequence. This is a good thread, let’s help eachother find these people and penalize then accordingly!


+1, this is what I’m talking about. We actually need it

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