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I am wondering about an issue on Laravel scripts. Are the Laravel scripts rejected, if they are developed in core of Laravel? I mean, a Laravel script should be developed as Laravel package or it can also be developed in core of Laravel keeping the default structure?

No, you don’t need to develop your application as a package. You can build your application directly within Laravel like any other web app. It’s a great idea to keep the core business logic for your app in an independent package for your power buyers, but not at all required.

It is strongly advised to stick to all of Laravel’s conventions and standards, and the further you deviate from those norms, the harder it will be to customize the code. That wouldn’t be an immediate rejection, but a well-organized and highly customizable app will always get bonus points.

In general, what the reviewer considers to be an attractive, trendy, and marketable app idea will be approved so long as it’s well-designed and full-featured – even if the code is a bit disorganized or goes against conventions. There are still items built with “spaghetti code” getting accepted to this day.

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Thank you very much for your reply!!!

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