Laravel Marketplace Rejected

Just so confused

There are two other relatable NFT Marketplaces on code canyon, both have done very well and fairly recent but are quite poorly designed, full of bugs, and lack features, so I thought I had addressed what they lacked, but instead it doesn’t even last 10minutes with the reviewers and no feedback at all.

Have spent a lot of time on this project, does anyone have feedback on what the reviewers aren’t liking or advice?


My experience with the Envato review process is that it is obscure. Following is a least of assumptions of mine, aka how it felt to be under review.

  1. Each reviewer seems to have a different standard. Every time you submit an item, you might get lucky, or not.
  2. After you get a soft rejection, all future submissions will somehow get handled by the same reviewer, or at least the resubmission reviewers are accurately aware of the feedback from the 1st reviewer.
  3. If you have two very similar items with a different name, it is completely possible for one item to be approved and the other to be rejected.

I never had to deal with hard rejection (only soft rejection) but, given the points above, I think you need to:

  1. Rename the project.
  2. Apply whatever feedback the reviewer sent you.
  3. Add new functionality.
  4. Submit as new item.