Laravel and adminlte script but my project hard rejected.

I have build a hrm project build with laravel framework. I have used adminlte for my backend. Also I commented a lot for user to understand easily. I commented in my pphp page as well as my controller. To make sure I followed a script which was purchased from codecanion. I have tried as possible to maintain codecanion rules. But unfortunately my project have been hard rejected. What’s wrong with my code. I am clueless right now. I don’t know what to do. I am seeking some help or suggestion. Thank you advance.

they should have provided some feedback, paste it here and reading it 3-4times may give you some clue.

They just gave me hard reject

They just gave me hard reject no other thigs

may be it has too less featuers or something else.

just think this way…
if the product is accepted and not making sales but you want to get 1000 sales in a month, what features will you add/modify your product so that it can get 1000 sales?

just note down those things and start adding them.

acceptance is nothing when you can’t make any sales.

I am sure you won’t like my answer but that’s the hard truth (i learned)


Thanks, I appreciate your logic, ya its true there are needs more features for good sell. But there are so many script which features are less then me and I demand small amount to purchase my script. I will add more features in my script and also thanks for your comment.