Laravel 5.1 on CodeCanyon


I was wondering is it good to develop Laravel 5.1 apps and sell them on CodeCanyon. I’m asking this because I had some issues with Laravel 4, customers were using old servers with PHP 5.3 or even 5.2.

Since Laravel 5.1 requires PHP 5.5, I believe these problems will be greater.

Let me know what do you think about this.


It will cause a lot of headaches

I know it feels good to develop in a Framework like Laravel but here…

You just need to make sure it will fit all or majority of customers shared environments to avoid bad reviews, lots of support requests etc.

I am a newbie seller who does applications in laravel and no one ever complains about installation or the fact that i am using laravel. Although I do change the default folder structure so that the end user does not need to use artisan and to remove index.php from the url