Language modification with elab electronics theme ..please help

Hello, I am a beginner in creating websites and do not have sufficient experience and I would like to consult if possible

I bought a theme elab electronics ,

But I faced some problems, I want my shop to be in Arabic, meaning that the template should be from right to left. When I set the Arabic language, everything changed (it entered each other)

Please help … Regarding the translation of the pages and products, there is no concern that I will translate them with Loco >>

I apologize, my english is not good :stuck_out_tongue:

You can see the page in the following link:

Ibrahem Moh.

Best Regards

Make sure the theme is supported by RTL as a start

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Thanks for your response.
How to make sure of that, if it is supported or not
I sent a picture of the theme style.css

It doesn’t look likely

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In case of interest for paid support, you can contact me or check the service at Studio

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Thanks a lot for the clarification, it seems that I purchased the copy without interest

Thanks again Ki , I will contact them. I hope there is a response