Landmark Time! 15 Sales!

Greetings fellow artists,

I have just reached a huge milestone…15 Sales!
I’ve been on AJ for a few months now. Haven’t picked up as much momentum as I had hoped, but this is super exciting for me. I will definitely spend some more time on here. Good vibes for everyone! Thanks for listening!

Oddly Enough Productions


Great job Oddly! 15 sales is a great start - you’ve got interest! Keep your uploads up and don’t look back.

Hi, it’s a really great beginning! With 5 items in portfolio it looks very promising. So keep up a good work! I’m still waiting for my start😉

Congratulations!!! and good luck :slight_smile:

Not bad! I had this sales in first 2 years :smile:

Congrats! Keep it up!

Same thing here!
Congradulations, colleague! :wink: