Landing Page Psd Template Rejected - help me please

Hello everyone, this template was rejected hard, can you help me to know what went wrong? Thank you

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I am sorry but I am a developer, I can’t do much to help you.

My advice is to look at the psd’s approved in the past six months and try to figure it out your self.

One advice that I can give you, be original don’t do what has already been done you need to come up with something new, there are tons of files like yours on sale, with respect there is nothing special about it.

ThemeForest is very strict right now and this is a good thing otherwise the marketplace would be flooded with all kind of bad stuff, this is happening now to codecanyon and good plugins are lost in a mess of bad plugins and is not fun!.

I got a hard reject with this theme , I worked almost an year on it, even though at the beginning I was frustrated after watching other recent themes on the marketplace I realized that the reviewer was right now I am working on it, I will figure it out but is not easy. I guess all good things are not easy :slight_smile:

I won’t lie to you it is a fight mostly with yourself, it is up to you if you are willing to fight for it but there is no easy way around this, if you don’t put effort and passion into this you will not going to make it.

All the best and don’t give up.

Tibi - FWD.

Thank you very much for answering

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someone else can express their opinion

you should change font, size, line-height especially in home section. e.g. nav menu links (you can try lower case and change font-size, between padding)

im gonna say to play store and app store buttons: check line height, change font-size or font-family.

In my opinion other section looks good but in pricing section there is center problem 12$ is not center in box.

Good luck!

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thanks your help is useful

Do you think that if it is improved it can be accepted?