landin page help

I need a landing page in wordpress, but I only have 15 USD, I can not find one of that price. Help

There’s at least 2 themes for under $15 both of which are multi purpose so will either have a landing page demo or you could easily compile one using their page builder

There’s also probably several landing Page themes for free if you look on

but i need only lading page, the theme.

If you use a multi purpose one then you only have to use what you want for the landing page.

There’s no discounts on the items for sale (other than when an author chooses to apply one) so if you only have $15 then you have to work with what’s available and the multi purpose ones almost certainly contain exactly the same elements as a pure landing theme plus it gives you more options to choose from.

i have one theme accouting, but this theme no have a landing page, i need only landing page.

Hi julianma,

You can use these theme and can disable other pages. In this way you will get Landing page only.

Even you can use Free theme also.



Pleease. Someone can help me with some link?
of some landing page is multi purpose and has landing page demos

Likewise and (multiple landing demos)

this theme is for

That’s not a WP theme

It would be so so easy to build something like that using any of the multi-purpose ones listed in my previous reply and it would look at lot better probably given that one is 6 years old

i need only landing page, i have a theme, but i need the landin page in only page. i dont know how use the ypur pages.