Lack of support and rejected app from both App and Play store

Hi all, I’m looking for some help here on an app that I purchased from codecanyon, I love the concept of it and love the way it works, however, it has been rejected from both the app store and play store because users are unable to delete accounts they create to access to the app, it’s also been rejected because there is not an option asking for the app not to track.

I’m getting no joy from the developer who only answers emails maybe once a week, he’s told me that user cant delete their own accounts because he would have to change the back-end web design to allow users access to delete their accounts since then I’ve heard nothing at all.

I’ve got an app that can’t be released, so my question here is, can I take the app and redesign it so it can be released in both stores? Well, not me as I have no idea how to do it.


If you’re looking for paid support, you can drop me an email with some details and I will see if I can help you