Lack of sales to China, Why?

There’s 1.357 Billion Chinese in China, but we hardly see any sales from China.
The question is where do they buy royalty free music ?

Educated answers will be appreciated




And i think my diagnostics is a bit better then yours.

I read that only 50% of the chinese population is online in 2016, but still a lot of potential customers.

My statistic was for this month only, and I actually think these are the first sales I’ve had to China. So it’s a good question.

Maybe this is part of it:
Reporters Without Borders[unreliable source?] consistently ranks China very poorly on media freedoms in their annual releases of the Press Freedom Index, labeling the Chinese government as having “the sorry distinction of leading the world in repression of the Internet”.[5] For 2010, China ranked 168 out of 178 nations.


Yes, I think the matter is named the Great Chinese Wall. A strictiest censorship system for all outer content. For any purposes they have their own local alternatives for almost all large international platforms: baidu, youku tudou etc… (If the word “local” is suitable for such huge population :smiley:)

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For example, graphic content a year ago they were taking here

Yes, but where do they buy music from in china ? That is the question

If make a search I’m sure to find something like Audiojungle clone on their side of the Wall :slight_smile:

If you come to India and ask a million guys - “Where do you buy music from?” They’ll just give a WTF look. Hope you understood. :slight_smile:

they need just folk china music that’s it.


Well over a billion people in China means Envato faces a lot more competition over all the Chinese websites. Not only that but being based on Australia, an English speaking country, associates Envato with the “Western World” which a majority of Chinese people have a negative opinion of, especially of the US which is Envato’s top buyer, and that pattern will likely continue to get worse in these following years.
It’s also just a matter of demand too. China isn’t really communist at this point but it somewhat is and their focus is to manage and feed a population that’s three times larger than the US population, which means individuals have less wealth and have to give up more freedoms to accommodate a system that supports that larger population.
So there isn’t a large warrant for a variety independent developers and freelancers to buy media for entertainment projects in China, it’s kind of like if Soviet Russia became more modern…except that China is going through an industrial revolution that Europe and NA went through like 50 years ago, so relatively speaking they’re still only just being introduced into the global market.
There’s a lot of reasons why China isn’t a top buyer…China hasn’t even appeared on my buyer list at all since 2015.

Becase China is not an open system, like US or EU for example. Worth to mention that they have closed internet, so no wonders why its lack of sales.

as was noted above, the great firewall of china makes it very difficult to access many websites, unless you have a vpn, and even then, access can be painfully slow. i’m not sure about envato, but for instance, no google, no youtube, etc.

secondly, they have a lot of people out there that can make music, and if you’ve ever seen one of their programs, the standard (imho) and style of music used is quite different.

mmmmmmmmmmmmm I love Chinese food !!! So hungry because of this post :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

In Asia, and China in particular, they tend to have their own sites (or copies of sites) for basically everything, and it’s hard to find them if you don’t speak/write the language. That being said, China is number #7 for me in November and was #3 in October.

I know of a handful of RF sites in South Korea and Japan with no English translation so they only market to those markets. I’m sure there are plenty just like them in China. I’m sure there is a Chinese Envato.

If Envato would just translate all their sites to Chinese/Japanese I’m sure we would see a substantial increase in sales from there.


+1 Great Idea to expand Envato to those markets


Can’t believe no one knows why - they don’t really believe in copyright of anything…especially stuff that is not Chinese so they just steal it. I’ve heard anything from amateur composers in forums to big movie music in any old cheap soap opera, radio show or tv advert in China. Its not ALL stolen but an awful lot is.