Lack of fishing photos on Elements

Just installed the WP plugin for Envato Elements to see what is available before joining as a paid member. I’m developing a website for fishing but if the elements available for viewing, both website templates and photos, before coming a paid member are a reflection of what I will find inside then I don’t see the benefit. Am I missing something?

Having the paid subscription for Elements allows you to download any item on the Envato Elements site, including photos and web templates.

Thanks for that but my concern is the lack of photos related to fishing. If I’m not seeing everything available in my niche because I’m not a paid member then I understand but if I am seeing everything in photos for fishing, and it’s very limited, then there is no reason to join as a paid member.

You don’t have to be a paid member to see what they offer, what made you think that? If you just search for “Fishing” in the “Photos” section you get 33,201 results.

I agree you get results. When viewing from within a Wordpress site using the Envato Elements plugin and within the photos section the results will be OK for a restaurant but for actual fish types and people fishing there is almost nothing. That’s what prompted me to ask the question I did about seeing everything when not a paid member…

I’m seeing thousands of photos of people fishing, fishing boats, fishing gear, fishing villages, etc.
Though I agree there aren’t many photos of fish themselves outside of cooking-related photos. For those ones you can try Photodune they have a few different options, I managed to find some images of specific fish on their own such as bass and trout.

I’d appreciate a link to the location you are finding"thousands of photos of people fishing, fishing boats, fishing gear". I went through a dozen or so of the pages using the link you sent previously and found nothing like that. BTW I do appreciate your help with this.

Maybe we’re seeing different things? In the link I provided this is what I’m seeing. This is just one page, nearly every page is like this for me, with only a few cooking/restaurant related images mixed in on a few pages.

We’re seeing the same things but there aren’t more than 2 or 3 in the entire collection that are applicable. I guess I’ll need to look for another alternative for images. Photodune has nothing usable for my niche and I looked through over 100 pages within search results for three different keywords.

For now I’m giving up on Envato as a source for pictures. It still might work for website themes and other content.