Lack of Cleversoft support iOne theme. Time for a new theme?

Hello all.

Does anybody else out there use the iOne theme?

Ione Multipurpose Shopify Theme (

The developers stopped replying to tickets some time ago and aren’t even replying to Envato.

Looks like i’ll need a new theme eventually. What will people be moving to if you use iOne?

I chose it for all the different options I have with the home page, so it would be great to have this option with a new theme.

If you like the theme, and the designer is not helping or maintaining it, then you could look at paying for someone to continue developing it for you.

Otherwise click below and look what is around as newer themes:

Its hard when core functions change, and theme designers then need to make constant updates to keep themes working as they should do. Have you tried contacting the author direct?


The issue I have is, if I need something changing in the theme but I’m not sure how to do it, then I’m going to be stuck. For example, if I wanted to change the home page again to look exactly like another variant it offers but I was having trouble replicating it then I’m stuck.

The problem I’m going to have finding a new theme is wondering whether my colour scheme will fit a different theme, what sort of built-in features will the theme have such as delivery countdown, amount recently sold.

On one hand, it excites me to look for a new theme, on the other hand, it’s a massive inconvenience.

I’ll check out the link, thanks.

I’ve emailed the developer on the email they’ve used to reply to tickets but no joy. If they’re not even replying to the marketplace owners (Envato) then what hope do I have that they’re going to return to do their job and keep supporting the theme?

You may ask for refund, it seems the author is offering for the issues that they are not fixing for the item ( on the item rating page, you could see some )

Hello. Thanks, Yes i have asked for a refund of the support fee - I’m still waiting to hear back from envato about this.


The trouble here (as far as I understand it) is you like the current theme YES?

The author is not then maintaining the theme, or is not helping with updates to match Shopify changes.

To me you really have two options - one you find a developer who will help you to maintain, or develop your current theme. In the grand scheme of things, you need to then weigh up what your business is worth to you, and think that most ecommerce themes don’t just cost $59.

Or try with another theme, in which case you restart from scratch and it might not be what you really want it to be.