Label purchases by client

Hi, our agency has purchased a number of themes from themeforest throughout our WordPress development years. We have also purchased a number of the same themes but for different clients.

How do we label the different items so that our other team members know which client a theme was used for?

You could use the purchase codes.

Its helpful to buy the themes on separate client accounts.

Thanks @gooftdadog, but this would then mean that when it comes to updating each clients website, I would have to log into each of their individual accounts.

We have roughly 15+ WordPress themes purchased, so we need to really a centralised view of things as we need to know when a theme or item is updated without having to individually log into each clients account.

I agree with you Its a very good idea. I have a lot more than 15 themes over many accounts - and searching through them can be a big pain - but then again I do have some other people helping me.

Some themes come with automatic updates and also let you update the theme from the wordpress dashboard.

You should look into some form of project management software as you get bigger.

This one seems popular over on codecanyon:

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I’ll definitely take a look. My team are always up for making processes more efficient.

thanks again.

Another option is to use collections.

It’s very easy to create a private collection and to add items in it. You could have Collection Client 1, Collection Client 2, etc

I know it’s not that easy as labeling purchased items, but this might help :slight_smile:

Here is some more info about creating public collections: (creating private collections works the same)

All the best :hugs:

Do it on your side, save them in an excel file or whatever, it’s the easiest and most “customizable” way possible.