l have a logo design and I need to sell it in envato .

Hi . Guys l have a logo design and I need to sell it in envato .
that is the logo link : https://www.behance.net/gallery/89865929/Anubis-LOGO

Did that logo will pass or rejected

What I need to make it pass the review


hi well in my side i see a first problem indeed … this is that the description and the text and not the same … u have anubis in one side and anuric in the other one not to mention that u play with a shape to create the c … this is a first error as both names are not the same , but, in addition, for the marketplace this is not done … people do not expect u to integrate the illustration inside that the text like hen u are creating a logo in an agency or as a freelancer …
also, even if i like much what u have done here , beware the execution (the curves) are not absolutely perfect and that may cause trouble to u as here is where the big dogs play and , in addition, the category is super saturated , so u are expected no mistake whatsoever …
beware as well of the imbrication , both the horizontal and vertical versions are not equal , the horizontal one is much better , the text is , in this case, too stuck to the illustration for the vertical one … the variation of colors as such is not a very good idea for the text indeed the yellow part is almost impossible to read and clearly not popping out in any case … think about the fact that contrast is a basic design principle and that doing something wrong with it will get u into trouble … also keep in mind that u need to have a one color version or black and white and i would advice u to insert a tagline, too, not sure this is mandatory but certainly expected at least … besides introducing one will enable u to have more relief and a much better hierarchy indeed …

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