l can’t hear any audio

l can’t hear any audio - maybe they got sued by the AudioJungle composer :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the paid promotions:

  • What if the cost of promotion was mid range, say $50 for a year?
  • That way, it’s within range for everybody, not just the super rich, therefore it’s not just about “big” names
  • Also, why would a “big” name - or anybody - promote a mediocre track? Let’s be clear, we are not talking large numbers of sales per track.
  • The promotion would have to be per track, not per composer, otherwise l could see how you’d think that may get spammy, because a person would pay a lump sum to give anything and everything they compose a free pass.
  • BUT: All items will have been curated by AJ to begin with. If you believe items curated by AJ could be spammy, then the grid of recent tunes, right underneath AJ’s top picks, would be an ideal route for spam, by just making new tunes constantly. There’s more of them than AJ’s top picks on the landing page. Plus they are right under AJ’s top picks, so it’s all pretty much the same to me, the casual visitor, if a landing page tune is AJ’s top pick, or if it’s just a new tune added to AJ - they both occupy the same mobdro space. SO yes, if spam can get into AJ, then regarding your dislike of seeing spam everywhere via a new concept being introduced (my idea of paid promoted tracks) - that cat is already out of the bag, because a spammer can just release a new track, and it be promoted already on the landing page merely by virtue of it being a new track. (Personally l don’t think it’s possible, because AJ curates)
  • To conclude: the idea was for tracks that a person felt did not suck, but were nevertheless not AJ’s own editors’ top picks. So, a person may get it pay-promoted because they really believe in the song, and also, the paid promotion would heal the natural jealousy of seeing someone get preferential treatment by AJ (editors’ top picks). I can imagine the subsequent jading of hearts stunting some folks’ creativity.
  • As for the other site “frozenjazz” mentioned, l don’t know anything about it, other than that you say they had paid promotions, and lo! People paid to have tracks promoted. The rest seems to be down to personal aesthetic.
  • However l will admit that l think at one point Soundcloud were showcasing either paid promotions, or “trending” tracks (= tracks where a person would pay $50 to a click farm for 1000 views and l’m guessing also comments such as “the best” “i like your tracks” “xvxlklk”)