kubi studio database error on theme live preview in themeforest

I bought the collective theme from kubi studio on themeforest recently, but am now unable to access the live preview on themeforest/envato market . it registers a “database error.” i am concerned that something may be wrong with kubi studio and i don’t want to begin using a theme that will be obsolete shortly if they are going under. please advise.

and yes, i wrote to them 2 days ago (I also paid for 6 months support), but have yet to receive a response.



You can ask any kind of question about your purchase theme author @KubiStudio right here as a comments

hope they will helped!

I wrote them through the support form on that page, but no reply and my message does not appear in the comments. also, the most recent comment is from 6 months ago.

it’s back now!