KORDEX - unable to rearrange pictures in Fullscreen slideshow

Hi, guys.
Since my last update of the Kordex theme I have the following problem: My homepage is a Fullscreen Slideshow and before the update I was able to arrange the pictures however I wanted to, simply by drag and drop. Now this doesn’t seem possible anymore and there’s only a “reverse order” option left.
Is anyone able to help me out here? This is my website: www.visual-dope.eu


Will help you


Posts in sliders will be displayed in reverse chronological order as determined by the date of publication.

So having a guess changing the date of the publication to match the order you want might solve the issues you are experiencing.

Great idea, thanks. Today I logged in again and everything worked as normal. I was again able to drag and drop the pictures into the order I prefer.
Thanks again.

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: