Kontakt 5 Factory Library

Hi Friends! Do you use Kontakt’s Factory Library?Just interesting)

Yes, do you use it?

Hi)Not Yet, but i think about it. I want to try orchestral music, but i can’t buy 3rd party orchestral plugins yet, so i wan’t to try Kontakt VSL and not sure about quality of Kontakt’s VSL, because i don’t like demos on NI site.

The strings and most of the orchestral instruments in the Kontakt Factory Library doesn’t sound good. But there is many useful instruments in there and some of the orchestral percussion sounds good. I can recommend getting Kontakt anyway if you doesn’t already have it as you can get many third party libraries that sounds great, many of them cheap or even free ones. Native Instruments usually have a sale starting in the end of November with very good prices. I got Komplete Ultimate 50% off on that sale a few years ago.