KnowHow WordPress Theme Help

My organization is currently using the KnowHow WordPress theme. I’d like to add previous and next links to the bottom of each post. I’ve tried different codes and plugins, but haven’t gotten anything to work. Can someone help me?

You can use next_post_link() / previous_post_link() in loop in single.php (depends on theme). Prefer child theme if you are editing theme files. Check any default WP theme for reference.

Personally I think it is necessary for easy blog functionality, theme should have this by default. Check if theme has it and made hidden via theme options or something.

Try asking theme author as it is more general requirement than custom. Author is not obliged to help though :slight_smile:

Thank you for the information. I was able to get previous and next links on my posts, but I’d like to narrow the links down to posts within the same category. Any suggestions on how I could do this?

I tried contacting the theme author via Facebook, but I never got a response. I can’t find any other contact method (they direct users to this community). My theme was created by ThemeForest.

You can contact the author here