Knock Knock - Is there anyone want to help me ?


I have made this theme, got soft rejection. Reviewer said
"Nice idea, but usability for this conversion is pretty low. Theme is also very distracting and confusing too."

I have updated my theme. Can any one let me know is it ready to go ?

HELP ME PLEASE - I know every one here is awesome !

Any one ? please :smiley:

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Thank you - Will sure :smiley:

Any one else ?

wow no one is there ?

I like it, but it feel bit incomplete.

This collapsable side panel on the right should be always visible (or at least visible by default). Just image you open the front page. It is hard to tell what it is about. There is a cool grid menu but there aren’t any obvious signs about purpose of the site.

The content of that sidebar, the top part with info, looks very cheap to me.

Other thing: those navigation arrows in subpages. Their function is so not obvious (for a new visitor).

The whole concept is nice, but UX is imho very lacking.