Kirki framework vs redux framework

I didnt use these before and i want to select one for my projects.So what is difference between them and what is your suggestion?

Lead dev of Redux here. :wink:

Redux is an input framework that touches Option Panels, Customizer, Metaboxes, User Meta, and Taxonomy all with a single API style. If you want to touch virtually any area of WordPress, Redux has it.

Kirki is a much lighter framework by Ari, a good friend of mine. It’s extremely well built, has plenty of features, and is very small in size. It’s also a customizer-only framework.

If you want something with a small footprint Kirki is the answer. If you don’t want to be limited by the customizer only, Redux is a good choice.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

  • Dovy

Lead dev of Kirki here.
Thanks for pinging me @TeamRedux :slight_smile:
As Dovy said above, both projects are excellent choices, they just have a different focus.
If your theme doesn’t have more than 50 options then personally I’d advise against using a framework. The things that Redux & Kirki do can be accomplished perfectly fine without them using native WordPress APIs.
If your theme has lots of options then a framework makes sense since it will save you lots of time.
If you are only interested in the Customizer, then Kirki would be a perfect fit.
If you also want an admin page with your options mirrored there, or any of the other features mentioned above, then Redux would be a better choice. :+1:



thank you for your explanation

i have a question: for example there is text which says company phone number or address on footer and i want to change it from wp-admin.does redux let this option? if it is yes, i couldnt find how to on so if there is docs which explains this option, can you share with me?