Kinda new here...

What are the basic principles that i should follow when making a flyer or a composition of any sort?
Please make it easy to understand.

Original design and best practice execution - typography, composition, spacing, etc.

In addition You can check these articles:

and all about GraphicRiver Requirements

Thank you guys! This will do.

basic principles are to do your best and try to bring as good a product quality wise and originality wise indeed

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes when building a product. And be as realistic and unbiased as you can possible be to yourself when you look at your product and ask yourself “Would I pay money for this?”

If the answer isn’t a pure “YES!” then go back to the drawing board.

As all my colleagues here said, bet on quality! And quality = respecting your customers. It’s a wheel. If you make it spin, awesome things will happen.

Never cut corners, there’s no easy way! There’s the right way, and that is making your customers happy and treating them like you’d like to be treated if the tables were turned! :slight_smile:


this is s good advice for sure though this is not always easy to do, especially if u do not master it all …