Kilobyte limit for item images in ""?

I’m going to use the theme “” for my jewelry shop. I want to present my product images exactly as the theme product images. But I wonder how heavy my images possibly may be when, at the same time, I don’t want to make the webshop slow. I’m convinced that the reason why the “Savoy” theme isn’t slow is because it contains quiet few product images compared to what my webshop will end up with. Am I right?

  1. What is the kilobyte limit for each images “”?
  2. Does it dependes on how many images the shop contain in total?
    I’ll upload 300-500 images dividede on forur categories (bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces).

Thank you for your help!

Hello Nina,

For further support/assistance, please contact the theme author directly, using this link: (please click there the button “Go to item support”)

All the best!

Hi Hevada
Thank you for your answer!
I haven’t reached to build up my webshop yet - and now I have to pay the whole amount one more time for asking a question … Do you know if there are other forums or platforms where I can get at answer to my question?

The thing is - the theme will only make so much difference… yes if it’s bloated or handles the assets badly then that will slow things down BUT you need to them about saving your images properly for web, using a decent hosting provider