Keyword acess plugin


I am looking for a plugin about password/key access.
The plugin has to have a start “portal” (like where you have to use a key to go to the page, so without a key, you can not access the website.

It shall not only be one key that everyone can use, but many seperated keys to a lot of visitors.

So when you have the key, you can type it in a box and press enter, and then go to the real frontpage.

I have tried to search for the plugin in many hours but without any luch, and therefor I hope you guys could help me out.

Thanks very much!

Boy that’s a tough one. I haven’t come across anything exactly like that either. Perhaps one of the PHP developers on Envato Studio could make it for you?

And how much will that be?
It sounds expensive. :slight_smile:

That would depend on the Studio provider :smiley: