Keynote theme question

Hi There: I purchased a keynote theme but am having a hard time getting it recognized in keynote as a theme. The file in the download folder is a .key file and not a theme. The theme is called Reverta. When I open it in keynote, it just shows up as a presentation. Can anyone help me sort out how to bring this into Keynote as a theme? Hope this makes sense…

Hi, @feenstrakevin

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This is not a questions about downloading the file, rather installation. It does not install as a theme, but as a program. I don’t know much about keynote files, but from what i can tell there should be a theme file somewhere?

What’s in the Package
Reverta Keynote Template.key – main presentation file
Documentation.pdf – description and some guidelines
Reverta – Maps.key (World Maps)
Reverta – Material Icons.key (Google Material icons)
Please note: Images used in the preview are not included into main file.