Key Features Guidelines

According to this link - and part “Key Features Guidelines”:

Do Not repeat the same feature more than once.

When I search for “resume” I get this:

Obviously there are no consequences for authors violating this rule. If that is ok, then I don’t see why we others should not do the same? I feel like no one cares about any rules anymore. If Envato can’t do everything alone, why not create a group of authors (10-20 authors) who, when they report something (some irregularity), it is solved by “urgent procedure”?

Either the rules will be followed or each of us will create our own “rules”. Worst of all, there are no consequences for the above listed authors.

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Hi @CocoBasic,

As far I checked (at the time of my item submit) when author go to submit item with input 3 key features then envato item upload form follow this rules:

  1. author input key features full letters (within total 3 key features) is not matching with their previous approved item(s) key features from the database search.
  2. Ensure that each line is unique. Do Not repeat the same feature more than once
    => mean the author input 3 key features (3 lines) should be unique, can’t repeat the same features line (character to character mean full characters) more than single time (1 key features).

If the above filter pass and no duplicate then the author can proceed to upload the item.

So, you say this above is all ok? In that case I didn’t understand well. Ok, I will do the same then for all my items. Simple like that.

In the current filter allow those key features but I think as like you this filter need improvements. but this type of improvements will not so easy (can make some complexity) and in most cases author can face issue. in my opinion one improvements can be like this:
no one can use same word (example: Resume) within key features more than one.

Again with strong filter can make some complexity and in most cases author can face issue with form submit.

For example:
thinking matter is if the item main features keyword is Resume then author will must try to use the keyword Resume in many ways (for example: CV Resume WordPress Theme, Online CV Resume theme, CV Resume WordPress) now if envato apply strong filter to not give permit to add same word more than one then how author will be able to express the item main features!

Have you any suggestions? you can share so that I can get idea what you think.

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no one can use same word (example: Resume) within key features more than one.

That is the solution - simple like that.

If the item has nothing more to offer (some more features) then “resume” - it should not be on Envato.
But ok, now I know how it works and I will do like others. Thank you.

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