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Dear Experts,

Where may I keep my plugins-- in a remote location or in my theme folder?

I have found the following caution in a themeforest approval checklist:

“…you need to zip it and keep inside your theme, and install that plugin from there when someone activates your theme. …Please also remember not to keep this plugin in a remote location and install from there cause that will also disqualify your theme from getting approved.”

What can I do?
Keeping plugins in a remote location or in the theme?

Thanks much for your time. :slight_smile:

The checklist link:


Now, they force you to add all your plugins inside your theme (as pre-packaged) to be installed with TGMPA. So, adding your plugins on a remote location is now useless because they will reject your item because of this reason (I already got soft rejected for this reason recently.)


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Thank you so much @ThemeSLR for your kind reply :slight_smile: