Keeping items alive.

Hey gang!

So i was wondering, is there a way to keep your items alive after the glorious 15 minutes of fame on the frontpage?
Most of my succesfull items end up being sold the first three weeks or so… and they seem to dissapear into the deepest pits of the jungle… never to be seen again :wink:

Now i am not asking HOW to keep these items alive… foremost, IF it’s even possible to keep these items alive.
The only way it seems, is simply uploading new tags.

Here is a great example:
2 years ago i have had one of items featured on the frontpage… it stayed there for a good couple of weeks and it sold pretty well.
After it was gone from the frontpage… zip… nada… zero… nil sales.
I tried reviving it by renaming it… did nothing. Tried new tags… nothing.

So can this be done? and if so, what are the options to do so?


ehehe i don’t know my friend, I think it’s just the way it goes…but it would be nice to “refresh” the item
good sales!


If you find the secret formula or find out who to talk to to have your tracks appear high on the list, let me know :sunglasses:. Seriously though, I don’t think there is a way - it’s in the nature of things: Every day tons of new tracks are being dumped on top of the older ones, so that, once a track is a few days old, it’s already way deep down in the toilet. Some might catch a few sales and survive a little longer but ultimately down they go…

I don’t think there is much you can do as long as AJ can’t guarantee decent exposure for new tracks. But for that they would have to radically limit uploads even more, for example to one per week (or even less, whatever it takes). That would at least force authors to really give it the best shot and think twice before uploading. What we have now is the opposite: Guys are grinding out template tracks like crazy to try to compete in this madness but in the end that only makes it even less worthwhile for everyone. Funny busines we’re in, huh :slight_smile: ?


I hear you, Note that is always first!

But im not really looking for a secret formula… i am more after what people do here to at least keep views going.
Perhaps it’s time to remove older tracks and upload them to other websites… i am still trying to find out if that is worth the hassle.

And you know what? I would LOVE to see a 1 item per week upload limit! Just to stop the template grinding madness… well said.


You can try to give them new life making music packs, at least until the pack also disappears in the deepest pits of the jungle lol


I share continuously my updates and the links of my “lost” tracks by the social networks. I think it’s important to take care of that. Linkedin seems a powerful too, and facebook is not that bad. You can also do a list of potential costumers and sending emails with updates and “suggestions of the week” for example. I know it’s a big job but I think it’s worth. I do that, and more than one client likes my work and they are asking me for receive updates and also being in touch.

I think we can not rely exclusively on the AJ actions and we must learn to move beyond from this website, we can share our music track links everywhere.

It’s my modest opinion.

Again sorry for my english,


This is the way it works. You are so lucky if you had a featured item before. The only way to keep your items alive is to upload fresh stuff frequently. There is huge saturation here therefore many good track with good potential just underestimated.