Keep getting rejected need some help with why.

Hello I need some help on why my tracks keep getting rejected. I’m not sure exactly why my tracks keep getting rejected because audio jungle only send a generic message. So I don’t know if it’s the arrangement the mix the loudness or all of the above. Would really appreciate some help many thanks.

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Hey @laboinamusic . There are musical conflicts between the synth lead and the main chord progression. The high frequencies range is quite predominant, even disturbing, especially the cymbals and the noise uplifters. The vibe is nice. Shoegaze/dreampop. But hardly fits into AJ repertoire. There may be some other issues, but these leaded to rejection. PS. Even if AJ is sending a generic message ( which it doesn’t, you just looked for that and obviously you found it. If you listen closely you will find some great music ) , it does not mean you throw a guitar and some drums and its good. Because it works , why bother? Unfortunatelly you had your answer.Have a good day.

Thanks very much for your honesty critic it’s much appreciated and gives me some thing to think about and work on.
On the generic message thing I’m sorry if I offended by saying this it wasn’t my intention.I wasn’t commenting on the quality of the music on AJ just they do not explain exactly what it is why you get rejected so you don’t know what exactly you should be working on.
Thanks again for you help and taking the time to send me your critic it gives me something to work on.
Many thanks.

@laboinamusic . No worries. I am not here to judge anyone. I didn’t take it like an offense. Sometimes , doing simple tasks, writing simple ,generic music ,might be quite a hassle. We need to address to customers in a direct, simple, unconvoluted way. Sometimes, this might sound easy and musically imature and many people say : I can do that ! It’s a joke ! Do not fall into that trap. Do every single simple thing with devotion and passion and it should be rewarded. Cheers and good luck with further uploads.