Keep getting FILE UNAVAILABLE on ANY file I try and download today! Anyone else Encounter this?

UGHHH!!! Cant download ANYTHING today. Are the servers down or what???


I can’t download anything either, and I’m dealing with a tight timeline. I really hope they fix this ASAP!

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Same here! I’m on a 2-day deadline for a project and I can’t even download assets THAT I’M PAYING FOR! To make matters worse, I look for some way to contact a support team of some sort and they have absolutely no access to anyone who could help. I’ll be moving my subscription to someone like Story Blocks ASAP.

There may be some issues that our Devs are looking into right now. Hopefully they’ll have everything up and running shortly. Thanks!

It really should be easier to get a hold of support staff when things like this happen.

Site outages etc. a automatically raised with the developers so there isn’t really a need to open a ticket :grin: